Re: Looseing prime in well
Posted by TK on March 09, 19100 at 10:16:12:
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You have a faulty gasket somewhere on the pump which is allowing air to enter, which in turn allows the water in the pump and intake line to return to the source (ie lake). When you go to prime it again, you are filling the entire intake line (hence the amount of water it takes).

The fact that it takes a while to do this points to the probability that the leak is a small one (pinhole). Is the pump a piston or jet? In either case, I would:

A: replace the gaskets
B: replace your intake 'foot' with one that has a check valve (if it doesn't already)
C: check for any leaks in the intake line which would allow air to enter.
D: make sure you never run the pump 'dry'. they rely on water for cooling, and you will burn it out (especially if it is a jet style pump).

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