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Posted by Nancy on March 06, 19100 at 21:57:26:
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Months have past and we have our remodelled
bath. (almost) We chose a Geberit in-wall flush
and carrier system with a wall-hung Duravit bowl.
This is 1.6 gal and approved in my state, though
the local plumbing inspector was pretty dubious -
he doesn't think much of 1.6 gal flushing and
didn't really catch on to the flush mechanism
activated by a wall plate.

It all works pretty well, almost as well as
our old 5 gallon flush. It is a gravity flush
I'm told, but the flush is pretty brisk with
good side washing action. I'm relieved that
it appears it is going to work out ok, after
all the things I read about 1.6 gal.

Our old wall mount carriered had already
required the wall to built out about 3.5", with
the tank in front. The Geberit requires 6" of
in-wall depth, so our wall was built out an
additional 2.5". The bowl is a mere 22", so
this solution works very well in our cramped

The waste pipe and vent required some rework
since the old system seemed different, but it
was all in about 2' above the floor and not
too pervasive. (Sorry, I'm not a plumber or
I would describe in more detail.)

The flush mechanism is in a slim tank in the wall
and it is insulted to prevent condensation (we
hope.) There is an access panel near the
top of the tank. It is about 8" high by 12"
long and matches the bowl in color. The
center third of the panel pushes in to activate
the flush. Removing the panel supposedly makes
everything that might need service available.

The bowl is china, seat is plastic and comfortable.

Duravit also makes some beautiful washbasins
and we got one from the same line as the bowl
(Darling is the name of the line.) Try which is a nice site, but you
need to have a passwd to get more than small
pictures of the products.

Geberit appears to be German and the US head-
quarters is

Geberit Manufacturing Inc.
1100 Boone Drive
Michigan City


Geberit recommended two toilet bowl manufacturers,
Duravit, and Kimera.

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