Household water supply pipe routing
Posted by Jeff on March 05, 19100 at 16:50:40:
I have the polybutelene piping(gray color)in my house. I am thinking about replacing the entire system with CPVC. I looked at the current routing of the water supply lines and they are hooked up as follows:
The main supply line is 3/4", from there for example, it routes off the different sections of the house. The pipe that routes off toward the master bath for example, then has several other T's in it that supply the different faucets in the master bath. When someone turns on a faucet in another part of the house, the pressure drops in the master bath due to the other faucet opening. Now the question; if I was to redo the entire household water supply pipes, would it be advantageous in terms of maintaining better pressure to install a number of T's early in the water system and route a water pipe to each faucet. Example: 1 pipe to the cold water supply for the master bath shower, another to the master bath sink, etc.

Hopefully this made sense. Thanks for any assistance

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