Leaking from shower/bathtub
Posted by peggy on March 05, 19100 at 16:36:31:
Any ideas about a leak that occurs at the back, open side of a bathtub from under the drywall? Only happens with showers, not baths. Cut open drywall next to the tub because it was soft due to mildew and found mold and dampness on inside. Replaced caulking around the tub. Shower curtain secure. Two expert handymen unable to find the problem. Seems to me, the leak must be coming from the plumbing behind the wall and works its way around the inside of the tub surround and comes out behind the drywall at the back, open end of the tub. Does this sound logical/possible?

Do you have any suggestions or tests to pinpoint the problem? Solutions?

Thank you.

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