Thanks Dale. What about toilet too close to wider tub?
Posted by Mark on March 03, 19100 at 17:00:46:

Thank you for you input. I did go to the plumbing supply store before I got your advice. They told me to saw
off the cast iron before it bends up and put an abs corner on with a clamp to the cast iron and then
run abs up to the floor flange. Is this a good idea. Also I am puting in a wider fiberglass whirlpool tub.
This tub is wider than the old one and now it seems that it will be 12'' or 13" from center of the toilet to
edge of the tub. Is this a problem and what are my options of moving the toilet over. The cast iron is 13"
long until it meets the "down spout in the wall". Thanks again and looking forward to suggestions


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