$2,000+ Net A Week Is Questionable
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REPONSE TO EARNING $2,000+ NET A WEEK: Ask Mr. Griffith how many of his subs earn this kind of money. We provide you with work referrals for repipe work and are always looking for crews. We don't make promised we can't keep.


e-mail: polydoctor@masterplumbers.com

: Earn $100,000+ a year after cost of materials & wages with a good helper. As a sub doing our water piping, you must be fast, neat & organized - but you don't have to worry about all the administrative headaches. AND, we pay you in one week. If you have insurance & want to net $2,000+ a week, call John Griffith NOW! 1-800-501-7702
: Open Areas:

: South Carolina
: Georgia
: Florida
: Maryland
: Virginia
: North Carolina

: : We are looking for repipe crews for multi-family project work on polybutylene, copper and galvanized. You must be willing to spend 3-6 months on one project. You're the boss, we provide a referral service direct to the multi-family project owner for you. Only for qualified and experienced repipe contractors. Must be able to do it all or coordinate those efforst with your team . . . plumbing, drywall and painting.

: : E-mail me at poly_doctor@hotmail.com or visit our Poly Info Help Site at:

: : http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/polybutyleneplumbing

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