Search for info about back outlet pressure assisted toilet system for historic renovation / Ft. Myers FL
Posted by Nils Richter on March 03, 19100 at 00:17:20:
I'm searching for a special solution or a special problem, who can help me?

For a historic renovation (Commercial building from 1914) we are looking for a floor or wall mounted toilet
(standard and handicap) which is able to work with the existing water supply (1/2 inch) and which requires
no intrusion in/through the existing floor, more or deeper then a few inches. Reason: We have a historic
tin ceiling at the second floor, and the bathroom in the third floor (located at outside wall) can't have any
drain or sewer liner sticking through that ceiling!

Does anybody know a company that produces a pressure assited back outlet wall mounted unit or so?

Thank you for any information regarding this topic.