GAS hot water heater, can its BTU be "BOOSTED"??
Posted by Douglas Foster on March 02, 19100 at 22:42:03:
I have a 36,000 BTU 50 Gal LP water heater heating the water in my in floor radiant heat system. I have recently fired it up for the first time. (new const.) It has been running nonstop for about 10 days. This I expected with the ground under it all frozen... I am concerned that the 36,000 may not be enough even after it is all up to temp... is there a way to "up" the BTU on the heater (adjustments or new burners??) I hate to replace a BRAND new heater with a larger unit. ANY other sugestions?? Double heaters?? On demand heater plumbed into cold return on tank?? Thanks for your help, Doug.

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