Air in Radiators, Noises when heater switched OFF!!
Posted by Chris on March 02, 19100 at 07:04:43:
I have to bleed the radiators fairly often, as we get air collecting in them.
At night and during the day, when the heating is switched off, we can hear sounds like air bubbles rushing through the pipes.
This ends with a !bang! sound which is loud enough to wake you up at night.

The noises are about every 15-20 minutes but it's not very regular, and the sounds seem to travel round the house in sequence.

I went into the loft last night and the top-up tank ballcock is stuck, so the tank was empty.
I filled it up manually but when the heating turned off, later, there was still a noise.

I turned the heating back on (so i could sleep) and i heard an unusual sound of water running, which i assume was the tank emptying.

Can someone explain what exactly this tank does, and whether it should empty every day.

Also, have you any idea what the problem might be?

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