lead sweep
Posted by Mike Dunn on March 01, 19100 at 20:01:17:
I am in process of combining two very small bathrooms into a single larger bath. I have pulled out one of the toilets and wish to cap off the drain in a way that would make reinstallation of a new toilet possible in the future if needed. The brass flange was held in place by a malleable piece of metal that I have been told is called a "lead sweep." I bent the lead up to get the flange off and have temporarily plugged the drain with a PVC tester cap. The lead sweep flares out before it reaches the PVC and is encased in my foundation. Can I cut the lead sweep out? Does it require chipping of my foundation? What I would like to do is remove the lead sweep, and build up the PVC and cap it off.
By the way, this site has made finally made the internet worthwhile for me personally. Thank you in advance to the organizers of this site and to the people who would advise me.

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