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Posted by herman koempel on February 29, 19100 at 17:36:06:
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: : : : Need advice on plumbing an island. The main drain is at the outside wall and the island will be 6' away. The outside wall stack will have to supply the air, but my question is how do I make the loop for the drain? Is the air loop "y" taken off before the drain or after??? Thanks

: : Is it possible to have the foot vent be part of te main drain? Where my drain will connect to the stack I do not have enough room to run both the drain and the foot vent. Does the Strodor valve work?

: Gregg, the designers of the island vent failed to tell us we need a 16" truss cieling to get all the plumbing in as required bu this UPC code. Have no fear as there are other ways. A studow vent will work. Also I think the boca code allowes 15" of 2" pipe from the wye to the trap without a vent. The international code allowes a studor vent. The one thing that matters is do you have an inspector there? Dale Peck LMP

:2/29/00 - I have the same problem, but the inspectors WILL NOT allow a studer vent. The run from the sink to a wall to place a vent is 22.5 ft away. I have found room to parallel the drain line, can I then connect the two at this point and also run the vent up at this point? Also, along the way, I'll have to pick up another vent from a second sink. Would all of the vents from the 2nd sink on have to be 2" also? Thanks for the info.

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