About this bulletin board.
Posted by Terry Love on February 29, 19100 at 13:19:59:

A few things need to be said about this bulletin board.

First and foremost, I am very proud of the quality plumbers that take their precious time to answer questions and help people. Without them, there would be no list. Their knowledge and expertise are impressive. I know that they try to answer what they have knowledge of with kindness and well meaning. If some questions are left unanswered for a time, it's because nobody wants to give out misinformation.

With this in mind, I remove posts that I feel are against the spirit I would like to see. I like the list here to be helpful with a little humor involved. I expect homeowners (read customers) to post to and use this list, as well as plumbing professionals that enjoy sharing their knowledge. I expect the plumbers to treat the customers well.

Since I don't accept advertising, as I have my own products listed for sale, I prefer that people not post their advertising on my site. I will at times post information about products and web sites I feel would be of interest to those visiting the list. I don't mind if people post their company name in addition to their name, as this is their credential for their expertise.

If you feel that you've been helped by this list, let the plumbers know. It means so much to have good feedback. It's wonderful to print out a kind note to show the wife and kids.

"Hey look! they really like me!"

If you think this is a good and helpful web site, help spread the news to your friends.
Let them know where you got so smart about home remodel. You can send them an email something like this:

"Hey, I've seen this really cool web site about home remodel that you've just gotta see! You can search over 6,000 pages of remodel information, including low-flow toilet reviews, kitchens, baths, bulletinboard and a bathroom tour of the Gates Mansion. It's at www.terrylove.com"

Best regards,
Terry Love

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