How does one safely cut holes for pipes in floor joists?
Posted by Daniel Sandoval on February 28, 19100 at 07:38:08:

In case this is deja-vu, you are not crazy. I posted this last week, but it might have gotten lost-in-the-shuffle. I'm just a bit anxious to get this matter settled. Please accept my apologies, Mr. Love!

Anyway, the problem:

I am installing a Central Vac system in mostly new work, and I have to run 2" PVC all over the place. It will be a major pain-in-the-@#$%! to do this unless I can bore 2-1/2" holes through several 2x8 floor joists. (Solid, not wood I-beams). This is being done in new, and exposed old, work.

The general carpentry book I have warns that 2" dia. is the max in a 2x8, and that applies to a bore right in the middle, within the first 1/3 of the span.

Suppose I were to make a couple of scabs out of 2x6's (or even 2x8's) and surround the openings with these?

Any other suggestions would be most welcome! Thank you.

Is this a local building-code issue? Anyone have any sources for local building code listings? I live in Huntington, NY


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