Re: Sweating gate valves
Posted by Terry Love on February 26, 19100 at 16:04:12:
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I solder gate valves closed, with both ends open to air. This way no solder will drip onto the seats. You may need to open some faucets, or solder the gate valve and pipe seperately before adding to the piping puzzle. Never solder in a "closed" system, as the heated air will expand and create a leak in the last joint soldered. Terry

: It is not the gate valve, it is how you are soldering them. You must get rid of all water in the pipe, you must have the valve in the open position, and you have to heat it a bit longer than with tubing since the valve has more metal to it. hj

: : Is there some trick to sweating gate valves I'm unaware of? Two gate valves have each dripped. I'm
: : going to try a third (different brand) tomorrow.

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