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1. What type of pipe is it? Underground gas pipe materials are rigidly defined.

2. Since it will be underground, a sediment trap would be useless.

3, 4, 5. Regular gas valves and stainless steel connectors can be used outdoors. The valve should be adjacent to the heater in a position so it can be shut off easily.

: : : I'm in the process of installing a new gas line for a pool heater using an one inch pipe from the meter to the backyard. My question is that is this job requires a licensed Plumber/contractor by law?
: : : Is it illegal to touch the gas pipe (after the meter) If you dont have the license?

: : : I live in West Covina California.

: : Most plumbing codes allow homeowners to work on their own homes and pipes. They DO prohibit non-licensed, non-homeowners from doing the work. Most locals like to see plans before the permit is issued for homeowner work. That way they can give advice and check for any code problems before the work is done. Problems occur when handymen, perform un-permited plumbing without knowledge of the plumbing codes. I can't tell you how many, can I say "goofy" things I've had to fix behind handymen.

: Thanks for the response:
: Code Questions:

: 1. I'm burying the pipe about 16" deep. Is there a code of how far I can lay the pipe from the neighbor's fence?

: 2. What are the requirements for installing a gas sediment trap.

: 3. Is there a special shut off valve required for outdoor use.

: 4. Can I use those metal hose used in Gas range
: for outdoor use?

: 5. How far from the outside wall can I install shut off valve(Clearance)

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