Re: Gerber 28-790 Is this a Current Model / bad model?
Posted by Terry Love on February 25, 19100 at 20:45:29:
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: Our plumber installed two 28-790 toilets. One Gray and one 50's blue. The hole in that the waste goes through
: is only about 2 in. The toilet clogges all the time is this a bad model. And why is this model not listed on Gerbers
: site?

The number 28-790 is the tank number for the 21-702 toilet, which is a current model.
The trapways on modern toilets seems to be about 2 inches. Performance is enhanced when the water speed is increased, and the trapway is smooth with no edges to "catch". Models with siphon jets seem to do better.

The Gerber 21-702 gravity model is not a "bad" model, nor is it one of the stellar performers either. The pressure assist versions of the Gerber perform quite well.

My brother in Spokane, had an old five gallon flush toilet that his kids were able to stop up often. About eight times in one year. By that I mean that he had to remove the toilet eight times to remove toys and other things that got caught in the lower trapway. His wife finally convinced him that maybe another toilet would give her more time with him. She was getting a little jealous of all the attention that the toilet was receiving. The replacement toilet, the 1.6 pressure assist Gerber has appeared to be unstoppable with his kids. Frustrated, the kids moved onto other diversions around the mini-farm. Now Mary, has plenty of extra time with her husband, the romance has flourished.

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