Re: septic system question
Posted by Bob on July 26, 1998 at 07:03:22:
In response to Re: septic system question
: I am about to build a small 800 sq foot vacation home at a private
: lake...I'm told that most of the homes there use a septic system
: that does NOT utilize a leeching field...rather an aerator/motor of some
: sort with chlorine...any info on this type of system would be appreciated,
: as I'd like to understand what I'm going to pay to have installed!

You may not have a choice in the matter of what kind of system you put in(local codes). You would'nt want your waste water leeching into the lake. Check with some of the owners to see who their contractors were. Maybe a few used the same one,and he can tell you exactly what it will cost. Of course,like with anything else,I,d get a second estimate,also.

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