Re: Inadequate water pressure
Posted by Bob on July 26, 1998 at 06:45:02:
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: : When my house was built 4 years ago they put in a 2"
: : piped well with a 3/4hp pump in a well house with a small tank that does not allow for air pressure to a diaphram. Is there any way short of putting in a larger well that I can increase my shower pressure?
: : Any inline pump or other remedy that anyone can recommend?
: : The pressure is adequate just not "city Pressure.
: : Thank you
: : John

: John,I'm a mechanic,not a plumber,but I've lived in the country for years. Water pressure has nothing to do with the size of your well or holding tank. It's the size of your pipes to your faucets and what the pressure switch is set at. I don't know what the size limit of the pipes are(maybe 3/4?),but I would check and see what the switch is set at first.

OOPS! Skipped over the part about not having a tank with a diaphragm. That might help,also.

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