Kohler Rialto K3402 Flush Valve
Posted by Ed Comparon 
Water runs past the flush ball through the flush valve.
I replaced the flush ball several times, each time with a different brand of flush ball, to include the Korky 1.6 by Lavelle. However, the water persists to trickle into the toliet bowl.
Question: Can I repair the flush valve or do I need to replace the flush valve and flush ball as one assemble? The assembly will cost me ~$25.00!
Please help. Thanks, Ed Comparon, San Antonio, TX

Our Kohler Rialto (~12 yrs old K3402) started running about 2 years ago butcould be stopped (until about 5 months ago) by tightening the top center screwof the ballcock to push down the plunger to stop the water flow. I saw onlinethat Kohler no longer made the ballcock (refill valve) and I would have to buy anew toilet. A local plumbing supply house had them but they cost ~$98!!! Furtheronline research has finally shown that this Kohler ballcock valve is Model 1B1-Xmade by Coast Foundries for Kohler. The top cap on ours says "Kohler Co.1B1-X Sheath Ballcock". I found new 1B1-X ballcocks (~$24)and rebuild kits($3.69) online at Ace hardware and DoItBest hardware stores. The new 1B1-Xballcocks don't have the lower flush float valve that feeds the rim flush so Ipurchased the rebuild kit at a local DoItBest hardware store (part number 450758O/M 1-25) and repaired our old one in about 10 minutes. (Wouldn't it be nice ifKohler told us that a couple of years ago instead of telling us we needed to buya new toilet).  S. McMillan  Wed, 29 Dec 2004

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