Re: Leveling a washing machine
Posted by Curt on February 24, 19100 at 08:40:25:
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I agree with the diagnosis but not necessarily the cure. I had a Sears and the dampening system broke. The part was cheap and the machine worked for many years. What to do depends on how wealthy you are and the age of the machine

: Sounds like a Sears washer. They have a worthless dampening system. I had one for 12 years and i estimate it had about 50,000 miles on it just vibrating and wandering around the laundry room. Had to rearrange the clothes 2 or 3 times on every load.

: The cure is junk it and buy a whirlpool. Yes i know whirlpool makes sears washers, but they make them to sears design. there own washers have a far better dampening system

: : My washing machine vibrates like crazy. I have tried to level it on several occasions. It seems like it is level, but continues to shake. Is there some trick to this leveling thing or is something else wrong. Please help as I'm afraid the machine may shake apart my house!

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