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Posted by longer on February 23, 19100 at 10:58:52:
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: 1. Is it likely that we could get this done for $15,000 or less, using a General Contractor?


: 2. What are some of the pitfalls that we can avoid when negotiating with a contractor that would increase the price?

Ask for 3 references within the last year and call them and ask if this contractor jacked them around or was fair. Price alone isn't everything.

: 3. Using a General Contrator, how much should we expect to pay per square foot for a new, not over the top, but nice bathroom?

Impossible to tell you.

: 4. Any other advice you could think of for people who have never done this before and do not want to get burned?

Call the BBB and the State Contractors Licencing agency as well as those three references.

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