Gas meter that goes "klunk"?
Posted by Robert Murray on February 22, 19100 at 17:40:42:
We have a mysterious noise that comes from a corner of our house. The only
suspect that I can find is our gas meter. Everything else in the vicinity feels tight. We usually hear the
noise (a single, dull "klunk") in the morning and at night, but only once, and not on a predicatable basis.
It does not seem to come when the furnace turns on, but it may come when the furnace goes off. I
cannot tell. The noise has been going on for years, but of late it seems to be more frequent.

The gas company has looked at the meter and has not found anything wrong, but of course, the noise
is so intermittent that it would only be luck if they heard it when they were there.

Does anyone know of a reason why the meter would go klunk? We live outside Boston if that makes any
difference weatherwise.

Thanks for any advice,

Bob Murray

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