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Posted by PAplumber on July 25, 1998 at 22:39:36:
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Try the obvious---clean the aerators on the faucet spouts. When you filled the heater and bled the air out you may have gotten some sediment in the aerators which is restricting water flow.

: I just drained my water heater and now I seem to have low to no water pressure in some of the faucets.
: I have a 3 level townhouse and I opened 2 bathroom sink faucets and 1 tub faucet on the 3rd (top) level,
: a kitchen sink faucet and bathroom sink faucet on the the 2nd level, and 1 bathroom faucet the 1rst level
: (same level as water heater) to help drain the heater. Now the bathroom sink faucets on the 2nd level
: and on the 3rd level have next to no water pressure. The water dribbles out, flows very lightly/slowly
: or not at all. The kitchen faucet on the 2nd level, the tub and shower on the 3rd level, and the bathroom
: faucet on the first level seem to work fine, as do the toilets on all 3 floors. What happened and what can
: I do to fix it? Thanks!

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