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Posted by dick on February 21, 19100 at 10:45:03:
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I don't have any experience with either of the valves you are considering, but from a quick look at thier specs aparently neither of them are Ceramic valves?? Ceramic valves should last far longer than other washerless valves especialy under heavy use. The cost of a couple of new cartridges will quickly make up for the difference in price between a $90 valve and a $150 valve.

I like the Delta Monitor II valve because it has completely separate handles for the volume and temperature adjustments. This makes it much easier to use. Also by splitting the two functions into two separate cartridges, the cartridges are much simpler,(and hopefully cheaper, I have not checked on that) and they can be replaced separately if they should ever need it. They are ceramic valves so it should be a good long while before i find out. The handle selection on these leaves a lot to be desired, but i can live with what they offer.
The home depot type stores tend not to carry this valve in this area because the inlet connections are on the bottom (damn yankee faucet companies!) making it difficult for most homeowners to install with attic supply pipes. Runs about $140 from Web plumbing outlets.

: Would like some opinions on Amer. Standard's pressure balancing with volume control valve. (Reliant +).
: In a recent remodel to our home I used the Moentrol valve. It works well and of course looks nice.

: I now want to put a pressure balancing valve in the kid's tub/shower but I don't want to spend as much as I did on the Moentrol. I must have volume control for the tub.

: Home Depot carries the American Standard Reliant + for $89 versus the Moentrol "Monticello" with handle insert for about $149 at the plumbing supply store.

: What's your opinion?

: Thanks,
: Russell
: Austin, TX

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