Re: Diverter leaking
Posted by hj on February 21, 19100 at 09:32:14:
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There can be several reasons for your problem. If the seal where the stem goes into the faucet is too thick, then the bottom seal will not happen and water will leak through it. If the back seating washer is defective, too small, or missing then the water will also be able to go to both tub and shower. Depending on its age, a new diverter stem may be the easiest repair for you.

: Thanks for the prior advice you gave me on the pressure problem. The system I have is made by Crane. I'm not sure, but it seems that there is a conical ring missing from the stem where the last washer gets held on by a screw. After I install the ass'y, turn the water on, and turn the diverter for shower the water comes out of both the tub faucet and the shower head. Did I lose something, or is something else wrong?

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