slow draining toilet
Posted by Paul B on February 20, 19100 at 21:09:10:
I live in a townhome that is only about 5 years old. In my downstairs bathroom, I have a sink, toilet and bath/shower. The toilet does a real slow drain when flushed-water fills to the rim then drains to the bottom of the toilet. When I run the water in the sink, air will bubble up through the toilet and then water will flow up into the toilet (supposedly from the sink). However, this backflow problem doesn't occur when I run the water in the bath. None of the other toilets have this problems and running water in any other part of the house does not cause the backflow.

I have run an auger down the toilet and I also ran an auger (25 feet) from the sink trap with no success. After reading the message board, I thought I should check the air vent, but haven't had a chance yet as it is raining here in sunny (??) California. Could there be another problem?

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