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Posted by hj on February 20, 19100 at 00:49:31:
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What all the code stuff means is that the pipe inside cannot be buried, and the pipe outside has to either be a factory coated steel pipe buried 12 inches deep, or an approved plastic line buried 22" deep with a tracer wire and sand embedment. Since the green epoxy coated pipe has a fairly short life unless carefully installed, the plastic is a better choice, however in most cases the suppliers cannot sell it to an uncertified user. And if the heater is 400,000 btu, the it requires 400,000 btu's per hour, not 100,000. the pipe size will be determined by the distance from the meter to the heater if it runs from the meter to the water heater with no other connections between it.

: I recently bought a 400,000 BTU Pool heater. I'm planning to run a 1" black pipe from the meter to crawl space then to the outside again(doing a shorcut). Do I need to bury lenght of the pipe in crawl space? What is the minimum depth should I bury the pipe thats outside the house. Is one inch pipe sufficient enough. Heater requires 1000 btu/hr WC 7"min
: maximum 14 WC.

: Any tips will be appreciated.
: Please help.

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