Re: American Standard vent away toilets
Posted by hj on February 20, 19100 at 00:39:16:
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They have an aspirator in the tank that draws sir from the bowl and sends it down the drain. Sort of like a toilet exhaust fan. The problem with them is/was that the handle has to be pulled out to operate the feature, and it will run, using water, until the handle is pushed back in, either to shut it off or to flush the bowl normally. Most users assume that it operates automatically everytime you flush the toilet so 99% of them never use that venting feature, so it just takes up space in the tank, requires expensive repair parts, and cost a lot of extra money to buy.

: A buddy home inspector just saw some toilets called American Standard vent away toilets and he's looking for information on how these work and any background info. You can help me seem smarter than I am if you happened to have any information on these.

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