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: : I recently bought a 400,000 BTU Pool heater. I'm planning to run a 1" black pipe from the meter to crawl space then to the outside again(doing a shorcut). Do I need to bury lenght of the pipe in crawl space? What is the minimum depth should I bury the pipe thats outside the house. Is one inch pipe sufficient enough. Heater requires 1000 btu/hr WC 7"min
: : maximum 14 WC.

: : Any tips will be appreciated.
: : Please help.

: Hope this tip helps; Dale's Plumbing Service LMP

: 1210.0 Material For Gas Piping
: 1210.1 All Pipe Used For The Installation, Extension, Alteration, Or Repair Of
: Any Gas Piping Shall Be Standard Weight Wrought Iron Or Steel (Galvanized
: Or Black) Or Yellow Brass (Containing Not More Than Seventy-Five (75) Percent
: Copper). Approved Pe Pipe May Be Used In Exterior Buried Piping Systems.

: 1210.2 All Such Pipe Shall Be Either New, Or Shall Previously Have Been
: Used For No Other Purpose Than Conveying Gas; It Shall Be In Good Condition
: And Free From Internal Obstructions. Burred Ends Shall Be Reamed To The Full
: Bore Of The Pipe.

: 1210.3 All Fittings Used In Connection With The Above Piping Shall Be Of
: Malleable Iron, Yellow Brass (Containing Not More Than Seventy-Five (75)
: Percent Copper), Or Approved Plastic Fittings.

: 1210.4 All Valves And Appurtenances Used In Connection With The
: Above Piping Shall Be Of A Type Designed And Approved For Use With Fuel
: Gas.

: 1210.5 Valves Up To And Including Two (2) Inches Shall Be Brass
: Or Other Approved Material.

: 1211.0 Installation Of Gas Piping

: 1211.1 All Joints In The Piping System, Unless Welded, Shall Be Screwed
: Joints, Having Approved Standard Threads. Such Screwed Joints Shall Be Made
: Up With Approved Pipe Joint Material, Insoluble In The Presence Of Fuel Gas
: And Applied To The Male Threads Only.

: 1211.2 All Welded Joints In The Piping System Shall Be Welded By A
: Certified Pipeline Welder As Defined In Chapter 2 (See Welder, Pipe).

: 1211.3 No Gas Piping Shall Be Installed In Or On The Ground Under Any
: Building Or Structure And All Exposed Gas Piping Shall Be Kept At
: Least Six (6)Inches Above Grade Or Structure. The Term'Building Or
: Structure"Shall Include Structures Such As Porches And Steps, Whether
: Covered Or Uncovered, Breezeways, Roofed Porte-Cocheres, Roofed Patios,
: Carports,Covered Walks, Covered Driveways, And Similar Structures Or
: Appurtenances.
: Concealed Unprotected Gas Piping May Be Installed Above Grade In
: Approved Recesses Or Channels. Exception: When Necessary Due To
: Structural Conditions, Approved Type Gas Piping May Be Installed In
: Other Locations, When Permission Has First Been Obtained From The
: Administrative Authority.

: 1211.4 Where Water Vapor Is Present In The Fuel Gas Served, Accessible
: Drip Pipes Shall Be Provided At Points Where Condensation Will Tend To
: Collect.

: 1211.5 Ferrous Gas Piping Installed Underground In Exterior
: Locations Shall Be Protected From Corrosion By Approved Coatings Or Wrapping
: Materials Or By Any Other Approved Manner. All Horizontal Metallic
: Piping Shall Have At Least Twelve (12) Inches Of Earth Cover Or Other
: Equivalent Protection.
: Plastic Gas Piping Shall Have At Least Eighteen (18) Inches Of Earth
: Cover Or Other Equivalent Protection. Risers, Including
: Prefabricated Risers Inserted With Plastic Pipe, Shall Be Metallic And
: Shall Be Wrapped Or Coated To A Point At Least Six (6) Inches Above
: Grade Or Protected In An Approved Manner. When A Riser Connects
: Underground To Plastic Pipe, The Underground Horizontal Metallic Portion
: Of The Riser Shall Extend At Least Thirty (30) Inches) Before Connecting
: To The Plastic Pipe By Means Of An Approved Transition Fitting Or Adapter.
: Exception: Listed One-Piece Ninety (90) Degree Transition Fittings Or
: Risers May Have Less Than Thirty (30) Inches (0.8 In) Of Horizontal
: Metallic Piping.

: 1211.7 All Gas Pipe Protective Coatings Shall Be Approved Types,
: Machine Applied, And Conform To Recognized Standards (Table 14-1). Field
: Wrapping Shall Provide Equivalent Protection And Is Restricted To Those
: Fittings And Short Sections Where The Factory Wrap Has Been Damaged Or
: Necessarily Stripped For Threading Or Welding. Field Wrapping Shall
: Conform To The Requirements Of Iapmo Installation Standard-I$-13.
: Zinc Coatings (Galvanizing) Shall Not Be Deemed Adequate Protection
: For Gas Piping Below Ground. Ferrous Metals In Exposed Exterior
: Locations Shall Be Protected From Corrosion In A Manner Satisfactory To
: The Administrative Authority. Inspection And Repair Shall Conform To
: Iapmo Installation Standard Listed In Table 14-1.

: 1211.8 All Gas Piping Shall Be Adequately Supported By Metal Straps Or
: Hooks At Intervals Not To Exceed Those Shown In Table 12-2. Gas Piping
: Installed Below Grade Shall Be Effectively Supported At All Points On
: Undisturbed Or Well Compacted Soil Or Sand.

: 1211.9 Gas Piping Supplying More Than One (1) Building On Any One (1)
: Premises Shall Be Equipped With Separate Shutoff Valves To Each Building, So
: Arranged That The Gas Supply Can Be Turned On Or Off To Any Individual Or
: Separate Building. Such Shutoff Valve Shall Be Located Outside The
: Building Supplies And Shall Be Readily Accessible At All Times. Buildings
: Accessory To Single Family Residences Are Exempt From The Requirements
: Of This Subsection.

: 1211.10 Where Unions Are Necessary,Right And Left Nipples And
: Couplings Shall Be Used. Ground-Joint Unions May Be Used At Exposed Fixture,
: Appliance, Or Equipment Connections And In Exposed Exterior Locations
: Immediately On The Discharge Side Of A Building Shutoff Valve. Heavy Duty
: Flanged Type Unions May Be Used In Special Cases, When First Approved By
: The Administrative Authority. Bushings Shall Not Be Used In Concealed
: Locations.

: 1211.11 When Air, Oxygen, Or Other Special Supplementary Gas Under
: Pressure Is Introduced With The Regularly Supplied Gas, Either Directly Into
: The Gas Piping System Or At Burners, A Device Approved By The
: Administrative Authority And The Serving Gas Supplier Shall Be Installed To
: Prevent Backflow Of Such Special Gas Into The Gas Piping System Or Serving
: Gas Supplier'S Meter. This Device Shall Be Located Between The Source Of The
: Special Gas And The Serving Gas Supplier'S Meter And Shall Be On The Gas Line
: Leading To The Appliance Using The Special Gas. This Device May Be Either A
: Spring Loaded Or Diaphragm Type Check Valve And Shall Be Capable Of
: 126

: Fuel Piping 1211.12 - 1212.0
: Withstanding Any Pressure Which May Be Imposed On It.

: 1211.12 When Liquefied Petroleum Or Other Standby Gas Is
: Interconnected With The Regular Gas Piping System, An Approved
: Three-Way Two-Port Valve Or Other Adequate Safeguard Acceptable
: To The Administrative Authority And The Serving Gas Supplier Shall
: Be Installed To Prevent Backflow Into Either Supply System.

: 1211.13 Valves Used In Connection With Gas Piping Shall Be Approved
: Types And Shall Be Accessible.

: 1211.14 All Gas Outlets Located In A Barbecue Or Fireplace Shall Be
: Controlled By An Approved Operating Valve Located In The Same Room And
: Outside The Hearth, But Not More Than Four (4) Feet (1.2 M) From Such Outlets.
: When Piping On The Discharge Side Of Any Such Control Valve Is Standard
: Weight Brass Or Galvanized Steel, Such Piping May Be Embedded In Or
: Surrounded By Not Less Than Two (2) Inches Of Concrete Or Masonry.

: 1211.15 An Accessible Shutoff Valve Of A Type Set Forth In Section
: 1211.13,Shall Be Installed In The Fuel Supply Piping Outside Of Each
: Appliance And Ahead Of The Union Connection Thereto, And In Addition To
: Any Valve On The Appliance. Shutoff Valves Shall Be Within Three (3) Feet
: Of The Appliance. Shutoff Valves May Be Located Immediately Adjacent
: To And Inside Or Under An Appliance When Placed In An Accessible And
: Protected Location And When Such Appliance May Be Removed Without Removal
: Of The Valve. Shutoff Valves May Be Accessibly Located Inside Wall
: Heaters And Wall Furnaces Listed For Recessed Installation Where Necessary
: Maintenance Can Be Performed Without Removal Of The Shutoff Valve.

: 1211.16 An Electrically Continuous Insulated Number 18 Copper
: Tracer Wire Or Other Approved Materials Shall Be Installed With And
: Attached To Underground Non-Metallic Gas Piping And Shall Terminate Above
: Grade At Each End.

: 1211.17 Changes In Direction Of Gas Piping Shall Be Made By
: Appropriate Use Of Fittings, Except Pe Gas Pipe And Tubing May Be
: Bent To A Radius Of Not Less Than Twenty (20) Times The Nominal
: Pipe Or Tubing Diameter.

: 1212.0 Appliance Connectors
: Appliance Connections Shall, At No Time, Have A Diameter Less Than
: That Of The Inlet Connection To The Appliance As Provided By The
: Manufacturer And Each Appliance Shall Be Rigidly Connected To The Gas
: Piping With Materials As Provided In Section 1210,0.
: Exception: A Gas Appliance May Be Connected With An Approved Listed
: Metal Appliance Connector Under The Following Conditions:
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