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: What is meant by distance from trap to vent. Is it the distance from the trap to the vertical vent on each fixture or is it the distance from the trap to the vent stack.

: I am putting in a new basement bath and don't have the headroom to run the vent overhead. Must run it around the perimeter of the room - from tub then 8' branch to toilet 4' branch to sink then 9' branch to main (dry) vent stack. I drew the planned venting on my plan which was approved and I now have my building permit but I am concerned that the vent distances are too long and the building department will not approve once work is done. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

: By the way, the tub and sink have 2" drains and the toilet has 3" drain.

Frank, A Trap Arm Is That Portion Of A Fixture Drain Between A
Trap And The Vent.
Table 10-1
Horizontal Distance Of Trap Arms
(Except For Water Closets And Similar Fixtures)*

Trap Arm Distance
Trap Arm Trap To Vent Trap Arm Trap To Vent
Inches Feet Inches
1-1/4 2' 6"
1-1/2 3' 6"
2 5' 0"
3 6' 0"
4 & Larger 10 0
Slope One-Fourth (1/4) Inch Per Foot
*The Developed Length Between The Trap Of A Water Closet Or
Similar Fixture (Measured From The Top Of The Closet Ring [Closet Flange] To The
Inner Edge Of The Vent) And Its Vent Shall Not Exceed Six (6) Feet .

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