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: Okay, I am one of the many that is replacing my half bath floor with ceramic tile. I went to Home depot and bought a "closet flange riser". However, I am not sure I understand the instuctions. It says to clean the old flange, replace bolts (okay, I get this part), next install bead of sealant on old flange -- here is my problem. What type of sealant? And when I place the flange on top of the old one, do I secure the bolts to both pieces or just the first one? Also, when I look at the flange I see through the holes down to the first one, so how is a sealant going to seal if it has nothing to seal to? Please help.

: Tracey.

Tracey, I don't know about home depot but the ones i saw have a gasket between each extension.Useing longer floor flange bolts through the toilet will tighten the seals together.I have never installed one but i think you can use long wood screws and screw the extensions to the floor. There should be manufactures instructions with the flange. I just use a thicker wax seal or double a wax seal. Dale's Plumbing Service LMP

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