Kitchen sink back-up
Posted by Ramunas on February 18, 19100 at 21:02:28:
35 year old building. The scenario is this: One apartment on top, one on the ground floor. Kitchens are exactly on top of each other, but no other apartments are connected to them. (Pipes, that is)
When the top unit empties their sink, it gurgles loudly downstairs, and sometimes sewer smells are released.
Yet when the lower unit sinks are emptied, the water flows freely.
The line was augered from the bottom sink to the main sewer line. They also did a pressure jet on the same line. No blockage was found, but no changes to the gurgling.
I then insisted that they auger through the vent from the roof down. They did, but not all the way to the main sewer line (there is nothing blocking it anyway). No blockage was found, but no changes to the gurgling either.
It is costing me not only money, but time and inconvenience to my tenants.

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