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Posted by dick on February 18, 19100 at 11:06:19:
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That's a lot of money just to dig a hole and glue a pipe tee in your line.

And you may already have one? do you know where the sewer line is? the clean out is just a 4" pipe coming up to the surface. frequently it ends up slightly below ground because the plumbing is done before the yard is filled in and leveled and sodded. The plumber will try to locate it by probing with a pointed metal rod. they are seldom more than a foot under ground and usualy less. always directly on the main sewer line, generaly within 1 to 4 feet of the slab. The plumber may not try too hard to locate it because he likes those $2200 jobs.

Houses are sometimes built without the cleanout, but it doesn't seem likely that they could go 36 years without having one installed.

Watch closely when they start digging. They may uncover the cleanout. If you are not watching closely, I can garuntee that they will not find an existing cleanout.

: I just moved in to a 36 year old home. Recently, my line became backed up. I had a national plumbing service come out. After trying for 30 minutes, the service tech could not get the cable out of the immediate area. It kept running into a drain for my washing machine, so we assumed there's a bad angle somewhere. The line is full of water and their camera showed nothing. The recommendation was to install an external cleanout. It's estimated the sewer line is about six feet under the ground. Is $2,200 reasonable for this installation? I have a crew starting at one p.m. today (Friday Feb 18th). Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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