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Posted by Dick on February 18, 19100 at 10:38:45:
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: One guy from a plumbing supply store suggested that the holes in the rim get clogged with calcium build up over time and that this causes a sluggish flush. I cleaned out these holes as best I could using a dental-type metal tool (never to be used in anyone's mouth again!).

Possible, and easy to check. just take a 5 gal bucket of water and pour it into your toilet. If you get a noticibly better flushing action, then the problem is in your toilet. If it acts about the same, then the problem is in your drain lines.

I've never tried it with a toilet, but mineral deposits can be removed from showerheads, faucets , etc. by soaking in vinegar or other mild acid. I don't see why it wouldn't work with toilets. just get one of those big rubbermaid storage bins, put the bottom half of your toilet into it, add 5 gal of white vinegar (wine vinegar would work just as well but costs more and smells more :-), and fill with water. let it soak for 2-3 days. after all it took 30 years to build up the deposits, it takes a while to disolve them. stir up the vinegar and pour a little through the rim passages every once in a while. Do this in your backyard, vinegar won't hurt grass much, but it will react with concrete driveways.

Muriatic acid could also be used but i'm not sure what concentration will damage the porcelin. also some types of plastic (as in the plastic bin) can be damaged by the chlorine in muriatic acid. White vinegar is about as safe as you can get.

Another (although unlikely) possibility is the drain passage in your toilet. Did the plumber run the snake thru the toilet? Usualy this passage doesn't get plugged unless somebody flushes a rubber ducky, the family cat, or other large object, and then it is plugged almost completely. But it is possible for it to be partialy plugged by deposits or foreign objects.

Partial blockages in your main drains will cause problems first in your toilets because they dump more water faster into the drain than any other device.

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