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Posted by Sam Snow on February 16, 19100 at 17:58:24:
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They are sold by many people. Here is one

: We have installed an infloor radiant heat system in a new addition and would like to replace our domestic hot water tank with one that would provide for both our domestic hot water and as a heat source for the radiant heat system.

: I read in an old NG post about the Polaris line of hot water heaters by American Morflo Industries that are dual purpose as mentioned. They were also high efficiency (PVC exhaust line) and stainless steel design. My search of the Internet for information on them has lead nowhere. Anyone know if they are still business? If not is there a comparable product on the market?

: Anyone have any experience with these type heat sources that you would care to share? I have limited room in my utility room. Thus, I can not accomodate both a boiler for the radiant system and a domestic HW heater. Also, I only have propane (not natural gas) available. Other, perhaps relevant, info: Colorado residence at 7400 ft. with temperate winters (rarely less than 0 F and maybe five days <15 F) but rapid and wide outdoor temperature changes, i.e. 25-30 degrees common from day to night, 10-15 degrees in one hour.

: Thanks in advance for any comments or advice.

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