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Posted by hj on February 16, 19100 at 08:45:46:
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As long as there are no openings from the water heater space into the bedroom, it can go anywhere. This solution you have proposed is the most comon way of doing it when you have the room to create a new closet for the heater.

: : The water heater room/space cannot be connected to the sleeping area in any way. The only exception is if you use a sealed/direct vent heater which extends both combustion air and flues to the outside of the building. You cannot field modify the water heater, it must be a manufactured unit. About $3,000.00, and 50 gallons is the largest size made.

: : : I am converting a garage into a sleeping quarters. The heater is now framed in with an access door to the room . heater is about 7 feet from the outside wall. Should I cut vent holes into the door allowing room air the enter the heater compartment or vent to the outside by putting vent pipes through the outside wall and into the heater compartment visa ducting. Are either of these method safe and acceptable?

: Would it be acceptable to move the water heater to the outside wall, frame it in sealing it from the sleeping quarter, and put the door on the outside with vent holes top and bottom of the door?

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