Posted by J on February 14, 19100 at 22:25:33:
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: : How do I get the drain plug out of the tub? It is draining very slowly and I would like to clean it out? I tried strong chemicals couple of times-did not work. Than I removed upper plate and tried to snake it out, but snake dos not go inside more than 2 feet no matter how hard I push. What to do next?
: : Thanks for prompt response.
: : Victor
: Maybe you have a pot trap (as opposed to a P trap)in which case you must remove the pot trap cover and snake downstream from there.

Victor, I have a drum trap underneath my my tub and have occasionally had blockages. What I have found that works is to remove the upper plate (usually just a couple of screws), then stuff a wet rag into the hole where the plate normally fits. Then use a regular plunger on the drain. Once you build up a good suction, you should get all kinds of crud coming up out of the drain as it loosens from the trap. After that, it should drain fine again without having to snake it out.

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