Water being siphoned from shower drain...HELP!
Posted by Curtis Newton on February 13, 19100 at 21:37:19:

I posted a similar problem a month or so ago, but have another question.........I am wits end someone ...anyone...please help.

We have a problem with one drain in the house. The drain is below the shower in the master bathroom.

The problem:

Water is being siphoned from the drain in our master bedroom shower; also there is an ever-so-slight sewer smell (since the trap isn't holding water)....the smell is more noticeable when the weather is warm. You can also hear water running past the drain, again
understandable since the trap isn't holding water.

I had a master plumber come out and he didn't have any answers. He looked around; crawled up on the roof to check the vent stack; listened to the drain as he poured water down it; etc...

Some notes:

- the drain is used daily
- the trap for the shower drain is not leaking (there is a finished basement below it) and no water stains or anything on it.
- when the toilet right beside the shower is flushed (I placed an emtpy cool-whip bowl upside down over the drain) you can hear the bowl rocking as if something is "pulling" or gasping.
- the vent (according to the plumber that came out is not blocked). He crawled up on the roof and could see water coming through.
- no other drains in the house have this problem
- the trap is made of pipe not pvc

Please, anyone, anyone!....help.

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