Posted by DON FENNELL on February 13, 19100 at 20:37:43:
I actually have two questions the first one is I recently had a automatic sprinkler system installed and was
told by a plumber that I needed a water pressure regulator installed to regulate the water pressure or I would bust
the sprinkler pipes the pressure before it was installed was the highest he'd ever seen. After it was installed
we lost 1/2 of our household water pressure. He said it was because our house is 45 years old and the pipes
are so clogged with deposits that the new water pressure in our home will be dramatically lower. Do you have
any solution to the problem? I thought about shutting off the sprinkler system with the manual shutoff and adjusting
the regulator higher since its winter and the sprinkler system is'nt being used. It is a temporary fix at best.
My second question is we are thinking about installing a new water softner system/kitchen purification system
and are wondering what considerations should we keep in mind in making this purchase. .

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