Re: Polybutylene Pipes - replace just the fittings?
Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service LMP on February 13, 19100 at 07:57:52:
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: We are trying to sell a house with Vanguard thermoguard poly piping. The inspector pointed out four fittings with copper crimp rings as a problem. The others with just a plastic connector he seemed to feel were OK. Should I just get these fittings replaced? The feeds in to the manobloc unit also have copper crimps.

: Our buyers were spooked by the whole thing especially the class action suit and have talked about pulling out. Is there anyway to reassure them that the rest of the piping is OK - we have no leaks. If we loose them what do I need to do to get the piping through an inspection in the future. Do most inspectors regard PB as a major problem? Most people I've spoken to say it's just the fittings and that the new ones are OK.

Mike, Ask your inspector if you can change from poly pipe to pex pipe just before the monobloc? Pex has a crimp ring also but much stronger than poly. They make a transition fitting from pex to poly.You can use the pex ring on both sides. Dale's Plumbing Service LMP

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