Re: Toilet flange too low?
Posted by Terry Love on February 12, 19100 at 15:35:36:
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Most floor flanges are below floor level. The wax should squish 1/2" or more. In most cases, two wax rings are used, and on stacked tile floors, even three. Some wax rings with plastic horns will prevent the toilet from setting flush to the floor. Set the toilet over the flange without wax first to check for level, add wax and reset. If the toilet rocks, use wax without the horn. In your case, I would consider using a "thick" wax or even two. Terry

: I am getting ready to install marble tile in my bathroom (over a bare concrete slab).

: When I lay the marble next to my toilet flange, they are flush (so to speak).

: I figure that after the thinset, the flange will be about 1/8" below the tile.

: Is this as bad as I think it is?

: I've seen wax rings with plastic flanges imbeded in them.
: Could I use one of those instead of a plain wax ring?

: If I need to have the flange raised, is there a spacer?
: Maybe a ring that can be PVC glued to the flange?

: The last thing I want to do is replace the flange.
: It doesn't look like a do-it-yourself project.

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