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Posted by dick on February 11, 19100 at 09:36:16:
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The coin operated valves would be pretty expensive and probably cause more hassle than they are worth.

You can get a simple on off solinoid operated valve from any hydraulic supply house. then connect it to whatever type of electric timers and switches will suit your needs.

but, think about it for a while, because whatever type of system you put in it is still going to be somewhat of a hassle ressetting timers and clocks, checking to make sure junior hasn't figured out how to "crack" the system, etc.

If you are around most of the time, it might be easier to buy two cheap wind up kitchen timers. give him one and you keep the other. When you hear the shower go on set the timer for 10 min. When it goes off, shut the valve on the hot water heater. He will learn after a while. It takes longer to train a teenager than a dog (because dogs are genarly brighter) but it can be done.

: Right now my pre-teen boy is soaking in a seemingly endless stream of warm, steamy water. He will stay there until I force him to turn the water off. Every night the same problem.

: Last summer at a campground we were faced with coin showers that provided 3 minutes of water for a quarter. I don't want to collect my kids allowance when they shower but the idea of a shower timer seems interesting.

: Is such a shower timer practical for residential installation? Is it easy to do? I could install a simple garden hose timer behind the shower head but they are set to allow a large quantity of water to pass before shutting off.

: Thanks for any suggestions

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