Converting built-in dishwasher *TO* portable
Posted by Peter on February 10, 19100 at 10:41:26:
This sounds backwards, but my mother is interested in finding out if it is possible to buy a brand new built-in dishwasher and convert it into a portable. Her kitchen is old and does not have a good place to build in a dishwasher.

She has an old full-size portable that she hates. The problem is that the nicer new dishwashers are only available in built-in models, but of course she has a perfectly nice rolling cabinet from the dishwasher she is ready to scrap. Since her existing dishwasher was available in an otherwise identical built-in model, it seems there might be a chance to a new built-in could be installed into her existing rolling cabinet. There seems, for example, to be plenty of clearance in the back to thread hoses and the electric cord from wherever they exit the rear of the new unit to the existing exit holes in the cabinet. She's knows she'll need to attach a faucet adapter to the hoses, etc. This is basically a question about whether the new dishwasher could successfully be bolted into the old cabinet.

Clues to the answer may come from exactly where a built-in dishwasher is attached to the counter, how much different brands differ from each other in this regard, and what components are in the normal conversion kit (portable->built-in). This is stuff we don't know much about.



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