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Posted by hj on February 09, 19100 at 08:28:43:
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The second water heater is not usually that large. A 10 or 20 gallon one would have been sufficient. Is the electric heater functioning and is its temperature up to a normal level? Where the water heater is located is immaterial. The heater could be right next to the shower/tub, but if the water piping goes to some other location first you will have to run the cool water out of the pipe before it will be hot.

: We just finished building our new home. It's a two-story, 3,500 sq ft, 2 full baths & 1-half bath. We have two hot water heaters, 1-gas 50 gallon-upstairs, 1-electric 40 gallon-downstairs. The gas water heater is supposed to be the main one, it is supposedly set up so that hot water will "feed" from the electric hot water heater until the hot water from the gas hwh "catches up". But, downstairs in the master bath (of which the gas hwh is directly above this bathroom on the second floor), we have to let the water run for several minutes before we get the hot water. Can you offer any advice?

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