Re: Hate it for me!
Posted by jeff on July 21, 1998 at 14:44:49:
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i work for a wholesale plumbing company. 1st of all, sympathy's reguarding your husband. i always tell someone that cheaper is NEVER better. i never recommend anyone ever purchasing thru a salvage company. warranty is the biggest reason. whether this was due to improper installation or factory, it could still be fixed. you say you had a professional plumber to do the installation. dont be fooled. whenever you have a plumber to do a job, ALWAYS ask to see there license. if he does not have a license, he is not a professional plumber. i dont know what state your in but alot of states and cities have guidelines that professionals must follow. ie, permits etc. if your in a city that required one, check with the authorities to make sure one was taken out for your job.

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