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: : Dick, I can't answer for Terry but after 37yrs in the business as of today PEX is the way to go! Thats just my opinion.I haven't put in a copper system in 10 years. Except commercial. Dale's Plumbing Service LMP

: 10 years?? Has PEX been available/legal in the USA that long? I thought it was fairly new in the US? Although it has been used in Europe for quite a while.

: The legal situation here gets a little tricky. I am in an unincorporated area but within the extrateratorial juristiction of the city of Houston. That means within 10-15 years this area will be annexed by the city. probably PEX will be in the city code by then but if not, selling the house could be dificult. not impossible, just a little more difficult.

: Thanks for you comments.

: Dick

Dick, I think the last house i did in copper was 1991. We used poly pipe after that.( grey pipe). Then pex came along. We use the manoblocks when installing the pipe. It has been in use in Europe for 25 years.I have had not one problem with it. If ypu are havein problems with copper in your area then it would benifit your sale of the house, Wouldn't it? Any way it is an excellant way to do your domestic water piping and radiant heating.The pex can be in the walls and have copper stubouts also. We have put the manoblocks in little cabinets. Dale's Plumbing Service LMP

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