Re: Which one is better? Tub-Showers...
Posted by Tony Mercer on July 21, 1998 at 11:04:52:
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:Kelly, I'm probably a little late for you now.
I have manufactured fibreglass baths for 15 yrs.
The crazing could have been caused in the factory
during de-moulding, or in transit if badly
packed, or by you if you impacted the back of the
moulding whilst fitting. The important thing is
that because the cracks go completely through the
gelcoat (should be about 0.7mm thick),they will
re-appear if they are just gelcoated over. They
should be veed out to the substrate then filled,
sanded and polished using the same material,
otherwise colourmatch will be poor.
The porosity can be a real problem. It is usually
caused by TOO MUCH CATALYST in manufacture.This is
usually a very tiny bubble evident right thru the
gel. In other words, if you try and rub them out
there's more underneath. Spraying a full coat of
gelcoat over, sanding and polishing should fix. if
the porisity is large but sparse, its often caused
by moisture. These can be cleaned out with the
point of a drill and treated like the crazing.

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