Cast Iron Water Rads
Posted by Rob on February 04, 19100 at 15:10:13:
I've seen lots of posts about radiators with no heat - I'm trying my best to isolate my problem.

I have hot water rads throughout the house. Recently, I removed all the rads in the basement to install some drywall. The rads upstairs are on the same loop and were neer turned off and worked fine. When I hooked the raditars back up they fill with water but when I bleed them, the water is not hot and, of course, the rads don't give off any heat. All valves are open - bled the rads upstairs.

I've seen comments for tohers sugesting broken values and air locks/pockets. I'm just wondering what my next step would be - what if there is an air lock? How does it come out?

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