Re: Expansion Tank Removal
Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service LMP on February 03, 19100 at 19:42:16:
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: Are there any special precautions or procedures for removing
: the expansion tank that is on the cold water inlet to the
: hot water heater?

: I need to remove mine so I can TEE into the incoming cold water
: line (to run a new pipe to the shower), but don't want have hot
: water spewing all over the place as
: soon as I loosen it. Is there a way to relieve the pressure in
: it first, or should I open the breaker for the hot water heater
: and let it all cool down first?

: Also, what's the proper way for this tank to be attached to the
: cold water inlet line? It looks like the guy who put it in just
: drilled a hole in the steel inlet pipe wall and used a rubber
: gasket and clamp to attach the expansion tank to the pipe. Is
: it more appropriate to install a TEE connector and a threaded
: pipe to the expansion tank?

: Thanks in advance for any advice.

Andy, shut off the water to the house and open up your outside hydrants and get rid of the pressure. Then put a hose on the water heater drain and let a qt or so out and unscrew the expansion tank. This tank should be screwed into a tee on reinstallation. You may want to put a brass nipple and a 1/2" ball valve before the tank. Easier to work on in the future. Dale's Plumbing Service LMP

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