Expansion Tank / Shutting off water to house
Posted by Andy on February 03, 19100 at 16:50:25:
Trying to shut off the water to the house to do some plumbing work:

I found that when I shut the water off at the meter, I was still
getting water out of the kitchen and bathroom faucets (although
it was definitely a reduced flow). Is there enough residual pressure
in the expansion tank (diagphram type) that it is driving some water flow to these

I noticed that there is a gate valve immediately "upstream" from the
expansion tank. Do I need to close this valve to isolate the
expansion tank to do work on the system? If so, then this would only
shut off pressure to the cold water fixtures. The pressure in
the expansion tank would still be forcing water through the hot
water heater and to the hot water fixtures, right?

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